Sunday, 1 February 2015

Teaser Wednesday

Teaser Wednesday!

Here is a snippet from my latest release Dan's Desires book 5, although could be read as a stand alone.

Dan noticed Stacie looking in his direction. She smiled at him and made her way over to him looking amazing and forcing him to gasp with every step she took closer to him.
“Hey, baby,” he said and wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her into him.
“Hey, gorgeous,” she replied.
“Do excuse me…I’ll go and get on with bits and bobs that need to be done,” Jason said and stood up leaving them both.
“How are you feeling?” Dan asked while she sat on his lap.
“Wet,” she said, smiling beautifully at him while staring in his eyes.
He gazed deeply into her hazel eyes longing to sink deeper and further and keep making love until the world ended.
“You are so amazing,” he said, placing his hand on her cheek and chin gently caressing her face, running his thumb across her lips. “I love you,” he said gently, his breath being snatched by her beauty.
“I love you,” she said while he placed his hand on her bump. “Are you okay?” she voiced while his mind drifted away thinking about Sapphire and how she would love a baby brother or sister. His daughter was missing out on so much, all because of Angel.
“I’m okay, just thinking,” he said, lowering his head, with a serious ache inside.
“Thinking about what?” Stacie asked.
“Just silly thoughts.”
Stacie lifted off from his lap and sat on the couch alongside him. “Spill.”
“Honestly, nothing to tell.”
“I’ll be the judge of that,” Stacie said.
“Ok…I was thinking about Sapphire and how much I would like her to be in our baby’s life. She would love it,” he said, unable to look at her because his heart was aching.
“Oh, Dan,” Stacie said, taking hold of his hand.
He turned to look at her as a tear filled his eye.
“I am so sorry, I have no idea what to say on the matter. Angel only thinks about herself and you know that. There would have been no thought or consideration of her daughter’s feelings or taking her away from her father. That woman is nothing but a bitch…makes me sick to the fact you had sex with her.”
Dan looked at her horrified. “I did what I did back then,” he said snapping at her, suddenly angry. “I was young, stupid, and only thought with my dick. How was I meant to know you would come along and change my life?” he said as his heart shattered inside his chest.
“I don’t mean it like that,” Stacie said.
Dan stood to his feet. “Oh really? I am sick of this, I dare not even talk to you about Sapphire without you bringing up that bitch and blaming me for being stupid,” he said glaring down at her and noticed Stacie shrivelling up, looking terrified.
“I never meant it like that…I am sorry, Dan,” she said.
“Yeah, well. Not the way I see it. Yes, I was stupid for shagging her and fathering a child, but I did and that is that. There is a little girl out there who has been taken from seeing her father. How the hell is that justice?” he said, his blood raging around his body needing to get the hell out the building before he exploded and caused a bigger scene.

Also today I found an amazing 5* review on Amazon UK

Burning Passion

This book is hot, hot,hot! I've loved the story of Dan and Stacy. Great writing, great story telling and a great series of books!

Amazon UK

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