Thursday, 27 July 2017

Live Syren's Heaven & Hell Jannah Thrornhill



Hes mine!!
Always has been
Always will be
Only he doesn't know it yet.
But he will.
He think’s he love’s her.
He doesn’t, it’s just lust.
I will make him see that she’s not it for him.
Although my first attempt failed
I will have plenty of more chances
Only this time I will succeed.
And I will finally get what I deserve.
I've waited a long time for him to be mine and now I can finally make that happen....


I thought my life was complete.
After I was attacked and left for dead I thought my life had ended.
But it hadn’t.
I picked myself up again and tried to move on.
Only things go from bad to worse when I start receiving death threats.
Have you ever had that feeling like someone's watching you yet there's no one there?
Well I do.
And I'm about to find out why....


I thought I had it all. Fame.. Fortune and my angel... Allie.
Just when things couldn't get any better the one thing i’ve fought so hard to keep may be taken away from me forever.
But I won’t give up that easy.
I will get this sorted once and for all.
No matter what it takes I will protect my angel even if it means I lose my life.
I know she will be safe because i'll make sure of it....
As you all know things never work out as you planned.
And I'm about to find that out the hard way...