Friday, 17 July 2015

Desires Tease!

Let's have a nice soak in the tub, glass of white wine, relaxed and unwinding from the weeks events.
Let's drift off, enjoy and ooze into the sensual feeling of bubbles and the water dancing over your skin.
Friday tease comes from Desires!
A sex club where all your sexual fantasies come alive!
Stacie entered the bathroom. Dan was standing proudly beside the steaming Jacuzzi. He had lit the candles she’d noticed before and the fragrance of vanilla filled the air.

“This is lovely.”

“Good,” he told her, checking the water temperature.

“Oh,” she said, turning and heading back to the bedroom, rummaging in her bag for her car keys.

“What’s the matter?”

“I left my overnight bag in the car.”

“I’ll get it,” he said, snagging the keys from her hand and heading to the door.

“You don’t have to,” she said but he was already off, coming back quickly with the bag. Stacie pulled her clothes out of the bag, and laid them out on the bed. She set her makeup on the dresser, and then took her beauty products into the bathroom, arranging them on the side of the Jacuzzi.

The steamy room smelled of a mixture of vanilla and orange blossom, which emanated from the bubbles piling up in the Jacuzzi. She placed her hands on the sash of her robe, then hesitated, looking at Dan.

“Is everything all right?” he asked.

“It’s perfect, thank you,” she replied. In a rush, she slipped the robe off and let it drop to the floor, turning her back to Dan as she climbed into the bath. The temperature was perfect and she couldn’t help letting out an, “Mmm,” of pleasure as she slid down into the enfolding warmth. She gathered the bubbles together to hide her breasts, before daring to meet Dan’s eyes. He raised his eyebrows and she felt silly for feeling embarrassed.

Dan moved closer to her and knelt at the side of the bath. He gazed deep into her eyes and then deliberately looked down at where her breasts were hidden under the cover of bubbles. His mouth was inches from hers. She could just lean forward and kiss him.

“How would you feel about playing with yourself in the bath? You could use your shower gel to soap up your breasts to start.”

Stacie looked at him, stunned, and glanced at the bottle of shower gel.

Well that wasn't quite what I had in mind.

Stacie looked back at him. Was he waiting for her to begin? “With you watching?” she said, just to clarify.

“Yes, of course. I need to keep an eye on you. I have a feeling if I don’t keep watching, as soon as my back’s turned you’ll forget why you’re here.” His tone was teasing.

The idea was intriguing. What the heck? Why not? She raised her upper body up and slowly brushed off the bubbles so her breasts were on show to him. They gleamed from the water, and steamed slightly as they came out into the open air. Her smooth pink nipples crinkled and shrank in protest.

She watched Dan watching her breasts. His eyes flicked up and he gave her a smile, not abashed in the slightest. This close up, she could see details in his face she hadn’t noticed before. His lips were perfect and kissable, his cheekbones high and well-shaped. There was a slight scar, thin and about an inch long, on his right cheek. Stacie wondered how he had got it. His nose was elegant and his eyes looked like pools of chocolate framed by the kind of thick, dark eyelashes girls paid far too much money for. His gelled hair was styled in rough spikes and his stubble just cried out to have fingers rubbed over it. He was delicious.

She closed her eyes and dunked her head under the water, coming back up with her hair shiny and slick, plastered to her head. She felt like a mermaid. She ran her hands over her head and gazed at Dan, deliberately catching her lower lip between her teeth as she’d seen other women do. She didn’t want him to just be doing his job. She wanted him to want her.

Dan’s eyes were fixed on her. The candles in the room flickered in the damp atmosphere. Stacie took a bath puff from the side and squeezed a generous amount of shower gel onto it.

She lay back in the bath, bringing out her left leg from the water. Steam evaporated from her leg and she let Dan gaze at it for a second before leisurely applying the bath puff to her gleaming skin. She ran it down her thigh, then bent her knee, bringing her knee up to her chest and smoothing the bath puff down her calf, pointing her toe the whole time.

In her peripheral vision she could see Dan watching her keenly.

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5* Review found on Goodreads
Where's my fan?
I really enjoyed Desires (Book 1) and felt Stacie's pain and anxiety right away, as well as throughout the entire book. She was one strong and determined woman. While working to move beyond a tragic history, Stacie steps outside the box, a good bit, perhaps, to find what she desires in life— sexual confidence and, of course lucky for her, a man—Dan! I can't help but think there is a double meaning behind the name of this book.

I loved Dan as the Hero, and I definitely felt the chemistry between the two of them. No spoilers here. This is a highly charged erotic(a) read. Can't wait to read more of Stacie and Dan's story.