Saturday, 13 December 2014

Speechless Week

Today, I have decided to put together this special blog, as this week has been one in my life I will remember forever. The shock and yet the most rewarding breath-taking time to occur in my life.

I have been blessed not only with the upcoming release of Dan's Desires book 5 in the Desires series on Monday 15th, but the amazing arrival of my two grandbabies Thea Louise and Jacob Luke. Mum had her water break on the 8.12.14, late evening. The midwives couldn't stop her contractions coming thick and fast and therefore resulted in her having an emergency C-section and them being born 6.5 weeks early, resulting with them in special baby care unit, being looked after by the wonderful staff. Mum and babies are doing fantastic, and here are some pictures of my beautiful grandbabies
Thea Louise weighing 3lb 15oz born 4.45am  9/12/14

Jacob Luke weighing 4lb 10oz born 4.46 am 9/12/14
Words fail me to how I feel and I wish to thank everyone for their support and comments during the week.
Dan, a devious, hot, sincere young man, preys on women like a vulture. He takes up escorting before entering a world of sexual fantasy in a club called Desires, being paid to have sex. He loves being a naughty boy without conviction, even having sex with the boss, using any means to have his wicked way.
Then he meets a new client, Stacie Clifford. He needs to drop the boy act and become a man, yet remember the club’s emotional contract. He makes it his responsibility to protect Stacie from Angel the boss of the club. He’s in love.
He has almost everything: a wife, son and a baby on the way, ownership of Desires, yet something is missing from his life, Sapphire his daughter. Unable to move on, feeling destroyed, his marriage is uneasy. Day after day he fights his heartache, wanting to be happy and be Dan, the man he once was. Will Dan ever be complete again? What will it take to get him there?

And also to add Secret Cravings Publishing. including the Desires series...what you waiting for??