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Dilys J. Carnie visits me 'Seduced By His Desires'

Seduced By His Desire

BY Dilys J Carnie

Book 3 of ‘The Lost Sisters Trilogy’



Saving her is going to be one of the toughest jobs of his life, because instead of his mind ruling his heart, his heart is ruling his mind.


Security expert and ex-Navy Seal Kent Lloyd steps onto British soil wishing he was anywhere else. But when Jasmine Owen refuses to visit her sisters in Washington, giving them one lame excuse after another, even Kent knows something is seriously wrong.

The last person Jasmine expects or wants to see at her door is the super sexy man who walked away from her bed after one wild night. But when her sisters suspect something is wrong, they send Kent to check on her. Jasmine hasn’t told her family about the stalker who’s making her life a living hell and has her in a constant state of fear, but it looks like she might not be able to keep the truth from them any longer.

Both Kent and Jasmine agree on one thing—they want him to leave England and return to the US as soon as possible. However, he refuses to leave until she’s safe, which means he has to track down her stalker first, and Jasmine has no clue who it is or why the person is obsessed with her.

As Kent struggles to solve the mystery, he also struggles to keep Jasmine at a distance, which is proving to be difficult. The woman stirs his toughened soul, and if he has to spend too much time around her she just may squeeze her way into his heart.  

Content Warning: contains adult language and explicit sex

Genre(s): Contemporary Romance


Swinging toward the noise, he lifted his arm to block the blow that was heading his way. He grabbed the unplugged lamp before it connected with his head and had the person in a headlock before he realized it was Jasmine.

He tossed aside the lamp and spun her around to face him. Her long red hair was covering her face. “Jeesus, what in hell’s name do you think you’re doing?” he asked.

She shook the hair from her face and large peridot green eyes stared back at him, the fear all too obvious as her breath came in pants and her body trembled so hard that he felt it right through to his bones.

“Why didn’t you answer the door?”

She stared back at him, her eyes filling with tears.

“Jas, honey, speak.” He shook her gently and a tear slipped down her cheek, filling him with something that stabbed at his heart. “Damn it.” He wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close to him.

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 Dilys J Carnie

My home is on the beautiful island of Anglesey on the west coast of North Wales. Anglesey has been my home since the age of eleven after moving here with my mum and dad and three sisters from Scotland.

I'm the proud mother of two grown children. My daughter Emma is a primary school teacher, and my son Christopher is part of the family business.

I'm a health freak and a vegetarian. Pilates and yoga classes combined with visiting the gym at least four times a week keeps me fit. I love clothes, makeup, and having my nails and hair done. I'm just a girl's girl.

If I'm not in my office pounding the keys I'm sitting in my favorite chair reading books and discovering new authors on my Kindle.

As a young child I loved to write. I always carried a notebook and pen around with me and wrote about everything. I never thought for one moment I would ever be able to pick up a book with my name on it and say "I wrote that". It was a dream come true when I signed with a publisher for my first book in November 2012. So, dare I say at the young age of fifty I think it's time for me to see if those dreams are everything that I hope they will be.



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Blog Spotlight Evelise Archer with Cameron's Negotiator

 Excerpt 1 (PG)
“More coffee, Cameron? I couldn’t help but notice you were flagging me down with your eyes.” Maude’s smile took any sting out of her tone. She adored the young pup.
“Please, and maybe a little info when you have time.” Cameron retrieved the newly filled cup and its saucer from her grasp. “Do you think you can sit for a minute?”
Looking around at all the occupied tables, Maude’s gaze fell back to the men at her current booth. “Let me pick up your order and I can take five. I’ve been on my feet for hours and could use the spell. Everyone seems to be eating and not wanting right now.”
Cam’s head ached and he had a twinge in the base of his skull. Tension wound through his shoulders when he thought of the small-statured human with the limp. He needed a closer look at his mate. The desire to embrace him, run his fingers through his spikey blond hair and see what color his eyes were, gnawed at his being. Soon, he promised himself.
“You’re awfully quiet all of a sudden,” Jay interrupted Cam’s thoughts.
“Sorry, just thinking about how to approach my mate. It’s not like I can simply say, ‘Hey, you’re my mate and by the way, I think you’re a wolf.’ Can I?” Rhetorical question— Cam didn’t expect Jameson to answer.
“Boys.” Maude placed platters of fried eggs, pancakes, sausages and toast in front of each of the men, and slid into the booth next to Jay. “What can I do for you, Alpha?”
Cameron smiled at the honorific, picking up a piece of his toast and dipping it into the runny eggs, sopping up the yolk, before placing a piece in his mouth. He watched Maude as he chewed, before speaking. Maude was older than she looked. To the human eye, she appeared to be in her forties, but she was an elder in the pack at over two hundred years old. She grew up with Cam’s parents as part of Joshua Sierran’s inner circle. When youth took over the pack with Cameron as Alpha, Maude elected to step down and enjoy her golden years. Her idea of retirement; working at the diner, keeping her finger on the pulse of everyone’s business. At least Cameron had been able to convince her to reside on pack lands. Her small cabin, perfect for her needs with an open door policy, inviting the young to always seek her wisdom, including him.
“Maude, we were running the ridge and I saw someone occupying the log cabin farthest from town, but closest to our lands. Any idea who the man is?” Leaning forward, Cameron didn’t want to appear too eager, but he needed some information on the man.
Deep in thought, Maude stroked the side of her face before speaking. “The blond from Philadelphia, about five-feet-six inches with a slight limp?” Already Cameron knew more in that one sentence than anticipated.
“Yes, that’s him,” Cameron answered her. “You say he’s from Philadelphia? Do you know what’s up with him? Please, it’s important.” Cam didn’t want to whine, but by the smirk on Jay’s face, he knew he’d done so.
“Well,” Maude began, “I heard he’s a cop of some sort. FBI, I think. Got hurt on duty and is recuperating. Why? He do something wrong? Should the pack be worried?” She crinkled her forehead in thought.
“No. No.” Cameron put his hands in front of his body in surrender. “He didn’t do anything wrong. I just want to know about him and why he’s here. I’m going to talk to him this morning, but wanted all my ducks in a row.”
Cameron contemplated how much information he should disclose. He inwardly chuckled, the elder had loose lips.
“Maude, if your Alpha gave you a directive, you’d follow it, right?”
Tilting her head to expose her neck, she replied, “Yes, Alpha.”
“I think the man is my mate. No, I know he is, but I don’t think he knows he’s wolf.” He waited for Maude to absorb what he’d said. “He’s the Omega to my Alpha.”
Cameron looked to Jay for support, the man nodded his head, before he continued.
“My wolf sniffed him out. I watched from the tree line, but when he spotted me, he took off toward the cabin like his ass was on fire. If the man knew about wolves, shifters, he shouldn’t have been spooked so much.” At least in Cam’s mind it made sense.
“Have you talked to your parents about this?” Maude leaned in and whispered.
“Yes, ma’am, I did. Dad and Mom think the same thing. My mate doesn’t know he’s wolf.”
“Do you want me to try and sniff around a little bit more.” Maude chuckled at her pun. “I know he walks the trails, because he’s come in and ordered sandwiches for takeout and he has a back pack with him. Charlie said he bought all the fixings to make trail mixes as well.”
Cameron contemplated his choices. Try to catch the man when he came into town and introduce himself or walk the trails, picking up his scent and introduce himself. Stalkerish, maybe? Either way, he didn’t want to scare his mate.
Shifting in the cracked, red faux-leather seat, Jay looked out the large window and said, “Well, it looks like you won’t have to wait, Cam. Your mate’s about to walk into the diner.”
The bell jingled over the door, and the man in question entered the establishment, limped past them, and sat at a vacant stool at the counter. “Maude. Jay. This is my lucky day. I believe I’ll go introduce myself as the welcoming committee.”
Excerpt 2 (R)
Before Trevor could respond to his declaration, Cameron pressed his lips to Trevor’s. Tasting the man’s essence, he licked his lips with his tongue until a slight moan emanated from Trevor, giving Cameron the in he needed.
Quickly, he invaded the warmth of his mate’s mouth with his tongue, swiping the small appendage over his teeth, gums, almost touching the man’s tonsils. He grasped Trevor’s hair, his fingers tangled in the spiky locks, and tilted his head, ravishing his mouth, only relenting when the need for air made it necessary. He placed slow, deliberate kisses along Trevor’s collarbone. Swiping short licks, he made his way down his chest and licked a taut nipple. He suckled and bit until Trevor writhed beneath him, forcing Cameron to take more as Trevor lifted off the grass bed, driving his tits farther into Cameron’s mouth. Cameron continued to suck while playing with the other nipple, tugging it to a peak. Thoroughly done with one side, Cameron gave the other nipple its just due.
“Oh fuck, Cameron, feels so good. I can’t believe I’m doing this. I feel like I’m on fire.” Cameron knew this would be the mating heat already beginning to manifest and riding Trevor hard. He’d have to explain things to his mate. Soon. But first he needed more of the man’s essence.
Making his way down Trevor’s torso to the bulge stretching the front of his khakis. “Shush, I’ll take care of you,” Cameron whispered against Trevor’s bellybutton.
Cameron slid his larger frame between Trevor’s splayed legs and undid the button, parting the fly of the pants. A parting of the Red Sea, Cameron thought. The bulbous head of Trevor’s dick peeked out of the waistband of his underwear, greeting Cameron, the tiny slit almost winking at him. Drops of pre-cum pooled on the tip. Cameron leaned down and flicked his tongue at the tiny droplets. Sweat and salt mixed with vanilla and cinnamon invaded Cameron’s taste buds. Holy fuck! The first real taste of his mate. The man he was destined to spend the rest of his life with lay beneath him waiting to be ravished.
Cameron suckled the head, wrapping his lips around the soft fleshy part of Trevor’s cock drawing it into his mouth, and dipped his tongue into the slit, chasing the droppings.
“Please, Cameron. I need more. Take it out, please. I’m burning here,” Trevor’s pleas fell to Cameron’s ears.

Cameron yanked the pants and underwear down, fully exposing his mate’s privates. Quickly rearranging himself, Cameron removed Trevor’s clothing. Smiling, he realized his mate had already shucked his sneakers.
Trevor’s cock was a thing of beauty, rivaling any Roman statue. The size of his frame certainly not proportionate to the size of his dick. Long and thin, at least seven inches, a prominent vein ran along the underside leading to the purple-colored head, leaking profusely.
“Trevor, there are so many things I want to do to you right now, but the first time we have sex should be in a bed, not out here.” Cameron stroked his mate’s cock, his palm slick with the droppings he offered. “But know this,” Cameron continued. “I will have you out here in due time, again and again in the nature we were meant to be in. But first…”
His voice trailing, Cameron swooped down to engulf the feast set before him until the groomed pubes tickled his nose. Up and down, he ran his mouth on Trevor’s cock, his hands on Trevor’s hips, sure to leave his mark.
Trevor writhed under him, sweet moans burst from his lips egging Cameron on. Cameron laved at his balls and took each one into his mouth, rolling them and probing with his tongue. He slipped two fingers into Trevor’s mouth, a silent plea to wet the digits. Cameron hoped his mate knew what would soon transpire. Once his fingers were thoroughly wet with Trevor’s saliva, Cameron brought them to the crease of Trevor’s ass crack and glided them up and down stopping at the puckered hole. Releasing his balls, Cameron licked at the wrinkled skin covering Trevor’s nether area, all the while rubbing his fingers along the outer muscle, loosening him for an invasion.
The muscle thoroughly softened, Cameron pressed the tip of his finger into the channel as he once again took Trevor’s dick into his mouth. He looked up at Trevor. His flushed skin, a beautiful shade of pink, like the castings of the setting sun still illuminating the sky before going to bed. If this was what it meant to be mated, bring it on. Cameron was surely in heaven. Cameron smiled at Trevor and nodded his head, a quiet permission to have Trevor move. Trevor got the message and began to fuck Cameron’s face. His movements were ragged as Cameron continued to deep throat his cock, his finger in his mate’s ass pumping as well.
Cameron continued to work Trevor’s cock and ass, and then…Cameron swallowed, engulfing the beautiful piece of man flesh down his throat. His finger found his mate’s prostate and pressed the nub. Trevor’s dick swelled in his mouth and he came. Forced to stay in the same position, Trevor yanked Cameron’s head down, lifting his hips, driving his dick farther down Cam’s throat. Cameron couldn’t get enough of the man, swallowing every drop he offered. He drew out his mate’s pleasure, suckling his dick and massaging his ass.
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