Tuesday, 4 June 2013

5 star review on Amazon for Touching Angel's Desires. So delighted she captured the lesson to be learned in this erotic fiction

Unpredictably Good -Touching Angel's Desires by Holly J. Gill and Nikki Blaise

When I read this book I was expecting Angel to finally find someone for herself. In Desires, she was the unflappable owner of the sex club of the same name. I thought that this was a love story that would give her a Happily Ever After. But I was wrong.

This is indeed a love story but not what I expected. It was a story about loving someone too much that there was no choice but to lose him. It is a story of a woman who in the end falls in love with the very person she had given to another. It is a story of how far a woman scorned will go to seek her revenge.

But revenge isn't sweet, is it? It is in fact very painful and heart rending.

Without giving the story away, this is Angel's viewpoint about what happens inside Desires. She doesn't realize how much the situation affects her deeply until much later, when someone unknowingly touches her very thing she craves.

I don't know about you, but for me at least, this is a different take on a love story. That closest book I can think of that is of a similar vein with respect to writing about the story from the antagonist's point of view is Marion Zimmer Bradley's Mists of Avalon which was written from the female characters' view point, one of who was Morgaine le Fey's. They are by no means the same genre but it gives a glimpse of the reasons for an antagonist's actions and how it affects everyone around her. Ms Gill and Ms Blaise have been able to delve into the psyche of a woman who refused to acknowledge her need to be loved breaking the very rules she created to protect both clients and employees alike.

Despite it being a work written for the erotic genre, this story is a powerful book that can teach us a lesson.

First, everyone has a story to tell. Even a bitch.

Second, jealousy and revenge are not the answers to get the man you want. You cannot force someone to love you when his heart belongs to another. To do otherwise only demeans you.

Third, we have been told time again to love and accept ourselves, warts and all. A man who truly loves a woman will accept her for who she is. But there is also a different kind of self-love that is not only self-destructive but also destroys whatever respect the very people you love have for you. You burn bridges, memories turn sour, and you end up feeling decrepit.

That's not how a woman would want to be remembered, is it?

Touching Angel's Desires will anger you, will make you cheer for the underdog, and will make you feel compassion for someone so scarred she doesn't know how to pick up the pieces unless she reverts to who she once was. Open ended, perhaps Ms Gill and Ms Blaise can write another book for closure?

Only time till tell.