Thursday, 7 August 2014

"Right. I think we need to get in our outfits," suggested Bailey.
Stacie made her way over to the wardrobe where she had hung up her dress.
Chrissie and Bailey stopped Stacie in her tracks. They removed her towel with her only wearing a thong underneath. She quickly covered her exposed boobs and then felt them, wrapping a pink corset around her upper body and tightly squeezed her into it, making her gasp for breathe. "Am I allowed to breathe?" she managed to say, as Bailey released the corset and she let out a loud wheeze.
Once she was tucked inside the corset, giving her breathing space, they added a small girlie pink tutu. Stacie could not believe it! She stared in the full-length mirror and saw not much covered, even her boobs plunged out the top of the corset. However, she did look terribly sexy. She wagged her brows feeling like a teenager.
Then came the banner that they placed on her saying "bride-to-be" that had many badges hung from it with naughty suggestions, "kiss my butt" "hot stuff" "last night for a quickie". Stacie blushed not feeling too comfortable with a few statements, but crocked her head to the side and decided, what harm would it do? Then to finish the outfit they placed a tiara on top of her head completing the look with black shoes. She looked great and laughed to what they had made her look like.
They all finished their glasses of champagne and afterward made their way to the heart of Desires. Bailey had her arm wrapped securely around Stacie’s left arm dragging her along the corridor of the club singing and chanting. Seeing one woman wearing only a thong, the woman walked passed and Stacie turned around to see the thong gapped up her crack. She giggled. The girls carried on. Stacie looked down at her outfit, feeling sexy in her very revealing get-up. Maybe it was a tad too much, but this was her last weekend of being free and she wanted to enjoy every minute of it. Bailey was dressed in a pink short dress with a slight V-neck to her
boobs her hair straight and her eyes looked beautiful. Chrissie was dressed in a pink top and a black skirt, her red hair pinned with tight curls atop of her head.
"Right missies," Chrissie began. "Last weekend of freedom and we are going to make sure you are a naughty girl." She looked directly at Stacie.
The girls laughed and sang their way down the