Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Welcome to My Book Boyfriend Blog Hop

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He moved to her right ear, “You are the most beautiful, most desirable woman I think I have ever seen. Your hair is perfection, your lips divine and your body exquisite.” He dropped a kiss on her cheek feeling her shiver with excitement throughout her body. His lips pressed against the earlobe. “Your voice makes me want to fall to my knees and howl at the moon while I worship the perfection that is you.” Dan gripped the lobe with his teeth and licked before releasing it. His hands went to her waist and he noticed her closing her eyes at his touch. “If I could make love to you, and only you, for the rest of my life, I could desire nothing else till I die.” His thumbs stroked her waist and she drew in a shuddering breath.
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