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Hi there! I`m so happy to be here. I`d like to thank Holly for inviting me! My name is V.L Locey and I`m a mulitgenre erotic romance author.
I`m also a wife, mother, rabid New York Rangers fan, caretaker of two cats, one dog, Mooka the Jersey steer, a flock of chickens, several geese, one duck. And a pig named Abe.


Pigs are so darn cute! We used to raise dairy goats as well, but since my daughter is heading off to college in the fall, we`ve sold the goats. Not that my days aren`t busy now that the goats are gone! I thought I`d give you a peek at a day in the life of an author/hockey fan/small farmer.

 My day begins around 5 a.m. during the week. That`s when my husband leaves for work. I then slap around like an extra on The Walking Dead, slurping coffee until I`m coherent enough to shower. Morning chores come next. My husband does the steer and pig before he leaves for work, so I do the poultry. Feeding, filling the waterers,  and then turning the geese out for the day. Generally I let the chickens out after lunch. Then it`s back inside, roust the teenager, grab a bagel with some cream cheese, and get the child out the door on time. Then it`s time to fire up the laptop and get crackalackin`. Most generally I begin writing at 8, go until 11, have lunch, and then return to work for another couple hours.

After my rump is numb and my fingers cramped, I hustle about doing my housewife chores, make dinner, feed the dog and the rest of the menagerie, then either sit down to read or watch hockey. When I`m feeling plucky I`ll do an hour of evening edits. If there is work to be done on a manuscript that my editor is waiting on, I`ll do a couple of hours of editing before I turn on hockey. Bedtime comes when the game is over for the most part. I don`t write in the evening. My thoughts are fresher and crisper in the morning. Right now I`m working on doing the first round edits on the third Wildcat book in the evening. My mornings are filled with writing book five for my Wildcat ladies and their sexy gents.

What time of day do you find to be your most productive? I`d love to hear about it! How about a blurb and an excerpt from A Most Unlikely Countess, my latest novel written with the morning sun shining on me?


Painfully shy Liz Argon probably shouldn`t be dreaming of Veikko Aho, star goalie for the Philadelphia Wildcats. As she works side by side with 'The Count of the Crease' on his memoirs, she finds herself falling for the handsome goaltender. His tender ways with her and her mentally fragile mother are slowly claiming her heart. If only Veikko wasn`t already engaged to a woman far better suited to move in to 'The Count`s' world. In book two of the To Love a Wildcat series, we`ll see if a glass slipper can survive in the rough and tumble world of professional ice hockey.



After the hour of soaps, I left my mother to find Veikko. I located him in his study just down the hall. Tapping nervously on the door I waited until he called for me to enter. Cracking the door just wide enough for me and my iPad to slip through, I stood inside, tablet over my breasts, eyes roaming over the interior. Dark paneling, heavy furniture in blues and hunter greens, trophy cases filled with golden cups, silver pucks, and all sorts of memorabilia. Veikko was standing by a case of glass that held hockey sweaters from days gone by as well as old sticks, his attention on the winds buffeting the window.

“What did you need, Elizabeth?” he asked, slowly turning his head to look at me. I held up my tablet.

“I thought maybe we could lay out some basic stuff, you know? Like what you wanted to cover, who I should talk to and not talk to. How personal you plan to get. Are you naming names? Getting down and dirty? I mean, have you ever read Slash`s autobiography? He talks about sharing girls with…”

“What exactly is it that plagues your mother`s mind?” he asked. I stiffened instantly, my iPad dropping down to rest beside my lacy black skirt.

“I can`t send her back home alone.”

He shook off the dark miasma that seemed to be clinging to him. “I didn`t ask you to.” He stalked to his desk, put his well-crafted rump to the edge, and leveled cool blue eyes at me as his arms folded over his chest.

I bet any player getting that intense blue stare through that goalie mask of his thought twice about trying their luck. Then again, the past few games had been terrible messes, so maybe the opposing players weren`t spellbound by Veikko`s gaze. Perhaps that was only me. “Please, don`t stand there looking as if I am about to attack you. It makes me uncomfortable. Sit down,” he grunted, nodding at two chairs that faced his desk. I had to slide around his powerful legs to get to a chair. I sat down stiffly and began masticating a hank of hair. He flicked it away from my lips.

“Now,” the man said, his voice bouncing off the paneling, “What is your mother`s condition? Does she need a doctor to check on her weekly?” he inquired; his accent making “check” sound like “shek.”

“No, I mean, if we were home she would but since we`re here she`ll be okay. We`re good.” I stared at the denim covering his knees. It seemed the safest thing to look at. If I glanced higher…well, I`d be tongue-tied or worse, red-faced. “So about the book?”

I thought he was going to say something more about Mom but he didn`t. “Yes, the book.” He exhaled deeply. “I think tomorrow you could come with me to practice to talk to some of the players?”

“Okay, yeah, that`s good.” I flipped my tablet over, fired it up then opened up a new file and Word document. Balancing the iPad on my knee I began typing down ideas for questions. “I was thinking that maybe we could flip-flop the chapters. Like, open with you and your youth, right? And then go with some interviews with people that knew you when you were a kid. Like your parents, sisters, teachers, coaches from when you were in youth hockey up until you were – what?”

I picked my head up to look at him, his soft chuckle drawing me from my hastily typed notes.

“Did you research me?” he asked, clearly surprised yet obviously pleased.

“Well, I Googled you, sure,” I said feeling like a stalker or something, “I mean, I can`t come into this assignment only knowing you`re tall, good-looking, half-Finnish and half-Swedish, and drive a fancy car, can I?”

“No, I suppose not.” He shook his head. I sniffed haughtily and dropped my sight back to my tablet. “And I thank you for thinking I`m good-looking. I think you are very pretty as well. So, yes, I like that idea. Let`s do the book like that. I will call my family tonight and set up phone time for interviews. My coaches back in Helsinki will be more…”

            Yes, he was talking. I should have been paying attention, but my brain had leaped on the ‘You`re very pretty’ comment like an alley cat finding a half-eaten tuna hoagie.


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V.L. Locey loves worn jeans, belly laughs, anything romantic, Greek mythology, New York Rangers hockey,  comic books and coffee. (Not necessarily in that order.) She shares her life with her husband, her daughter, one dog, two cats, a steer named after a famous N.H.L. goalie,  a pig with the same moniker as a famous President, and a flock of assorted domestic fowl.

V.L. is a self-published and conventionally published author. She is a proud Torquere Press and Secret Cravings Publishing author. When not writing romantic tales, she can be found enjoying her day with her menagerie in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania with a cup of fresh java in hand, writing, or cheering on her beloved New York Rangers. She can also be found online on Facebook, Twitter, and GoodReads.
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