Saturday, 14 February 2015




Today is the day where young, middle or old people get together to celebrate their love, take that extra day to share a special moment together, gifts, chocolates and cards are given, or taken out for that extra special meal.
Valentines song
I remember many years ago...ok 24 to be exact my hubby, but back then was so sweet in having delivered to my place of work a bunch of red roses and everyone at my work place have the 'ahhhhhh how sweet'. 
 Only soon to be followed by a large box being delivered with my name on it, place of work. I once again blushed. I delayed opening the box due to work colleagues watching me, but hey, who cared? I opened the box to find a pink and white large bunny rabbit (that I still have hidden in in my wardrobe) a naughty negligee in black and lace, so pretty and a chocolate willy (tut tut) :). I soon arrived to open the card telling me to be ready at 7pm, no name on the card but obvious who from my then boyfriend!
Ready for 7pm he picked me up in his car and took me to my favourite restaurant a Kebab house, where we gazed longingly into one another eyes, so romantic and so cute.
These days we don't celebrate, as my hubby always says 'I love you every day of the week, why should one day allow me to prove that to you?'
I guess my hubby is right
There is nothing better than a kiss and cuddle.

Whatever your doing, have a great day!