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Please Welcome a fellow Author of Secret Cravings Publishing to my blog  Harper A. Brooks with her release His Haven, with an interview and excerpt.


Hello Harper, thank you so much for guesting on my blog today, lets learn a little about you,

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

-Well, I'm a paranormal/historical romance author, as well as a volunteer softball coach, avid crocheter, and recently college graduate all rolled into one.

What was your ideal career when you were a child?

-When I was a child, I actually wanted to be a doctor. My grandfather suffered with severe diabetes, and all I wanted to do was cure him. It wasn't until I was in seventh grade that my plans changed, and I found my love for writing. My ideal career turned from medical into publications.

What inspired you to become an author?

-I used to HATE to read. It wasn't until the Harry Potter explosion that I discovered my love for all things reading and writing. I love the way Rowling created a new world, a new universe, and I wanted to do the same.

When did you start writing?

-Seventh grade. Actually in school. I would bring a notebook into class and write whenever I got five seconds.

Do you consider yourself a plotter, or pantser or a hybrid?

-I guess I'm a hybrid (I will admit, I had to google what a pantser was...). I plan scenes, not really plot, and then I work towards that. I like to ride the plot roller coaster, too. Let my characters make things happen and surprise me. So, a little bit of both.

What do you think your career would be if you weren't a writer?

-I actually went to school to be an high school English teacher. I guess that's where I would be if I didn't want to go into writing/publishing.

How long does it take to write sex scenes?

-Oh my goodness. His Haven had my first attempt at sex scenes in it. I was terrified, but it didn't take me long to complete at all. Editing...That's another story.

Do you have any writing rituals?

-Rituals, no...but if I'm handwriting, I NEED a purple pen. Purple isn't even my favorite color! My favorite color is red. Weird, right? Purple just writes better than other pens, in my opinion.

What’s the best way to get over writer’s block?

-I'm currently in a writer's block actually, but what usually helps me is talking about my plot with other authors. Bouncing ideas off friends and just brainstorming.

What scene for you was the hardest to write and how did you overcome that obstacle?

-In His Haven, the hardest scene, I would say, was the opening scene. I always struggle with first chapters. They're so important! But I want to skip them and get to all my other ideas. His Haven's first chapter was originally one page long! I just wrote something down so that I could jump into the actually story. Then, I went back and rewrote it.

Please describe the hero and heroines attributes. What is your hero and heroine like?

-His Haven takes place in the mid 1800s, so think elaborate gowns, jewelry, parties, and strict manners. My hero, Avrum Brenin, is not like normal alpha romance heroes. I wanted to create a hero who becomes a romance hero—he doesn't start out that way. I really wanted to show his transition. He starts out diligent to his creator, Lord Henri, blinded and loyal, but by the end of the novel, he is independent, strong, and a true leader.

My heroine, Haven, is the aristocrat Lord Henri wants her to be. She was born into poverty and can survive on her own. She has a sharp tongue, is strong willed, and determined to leave Greystone Manor no matter what.

Can you tell us about your current book, His Haven, The Redemption Series: Book One?

-His Haven:

Set in nineteen century England and is the first novel of a series of three.

After a deadly fire consumes his family's farm, handsome and diligent Avrum Brenin should have died along with his mother and older brother. Instead, he is saved by the powerful and wealthy immortal, Lord Henri. Placed under his care, Avrum shares in his world of endless splendors. He must do one thing in return--look after Haven, a human girl.

Ripped away from her home, Haven is thrust into Lord Henri's lap and under Avrum's watchful eye. She is forced to play the part of Lord Henri's new charity, but the truth of her capture lays hidden beneath the bracelets on her wrists and the high collars of her gowns. She knows that in this world love cannot exist. There is danger all around, and the only desire she has is to escape.

What made you write ‘this’ story?

-This was my first attempt at paranormal romance. I use to write historical fiction before this, but I was challenged by a fellow writer to try paranormal romance. So I did. I just combined historical elements to it.

What can readers expect next from you?

-I am writing His Haven's sequel, Patterns in the Ivy, which is about Lysander, Avrum's silent and tortured friend. I'm also working on a new series about the origins of shifters. The first novel is titled, The Hunt, and features Cara and Kael—giant cat shifters. I LOVE this story so far. I already have three books planned for the series.

What does your family and friends think about your writing paranormal romances?

-I always get that one eyebrow raised look at first—that “uh huh, that's what you're into” look. But when people read His Haven and say how much they enjoyed it, even the sexy parts, the look changes to a slight, satisfied smirk.

What is your favorite all time book?

-Sense and Sensibility. I am a HUGE Jane Austen fan. I even took my final English college seminar on all her books and loved every minute of it. I wrote a doctorate-esqe paper on her for the hell of it. So maybe “huge” fan doesn't cover my obsession. When people talk about Austen, they usually mention Pride and Prejudice as their favorite book, but I liked Sense and Sensibility more. I just connected with Elinor Dashwood right away.

Other than writing, what are some of your passions in life?

-As I mentioned before, I crochet. I taught myself during my last year in school to calm myself during finals. I love creating things and giving them as gifts. I also am passionate about softball. I played for thirteen years and coached for five. I think the sport will always be a part of me.
Ignorance isn’t always bliss…
Handsome and diligent Avrum Brenin should have died in the fire with his mother and older brother. Instead, he is saved by the powerful and wealthy immortal, Lord Henri. Placed under his care, Avrum shares in his world of endless splendors. He must do one thing in return—look after Haven, a human and Lord Henri’s newest rescue.
The simple task proves to be more complicated than it seems. Haven is disobedient, ungrateful, and hostile, yet she is beautiful and mystifying at the same time. One night, when Avrum stumbles across Haven barely clothed and bound at the wrists, the world he has trusted in unravels before his eyes. He soon discovers that no one—from Lord Henri and Haven to his closest friend, Lysander—are who they seem to be.
Now faced with the truth, will Avrum choose to surrender to the man who rescued him, or will he have the courage to save the woman who captivated him?
Avrum stared at her for a long while, saying nothing. Slowly, his eyes returned to their normal soft brown color. He released her wrists, and his attention dropped to her parted lips. Haven remained still as his hand slid down her arm and entangled in her hair. His mouth pressed against hers with such desperation that it stole her breath away. She could feel his body soften against hers, the anger gone. His tongue ran along the seam of her lips, and she opened for him, enjoying the little explosions of heat that spread throughout her body in every place his skin touched.
He took his time kissing her, his movements never rough, but tender and full of need. Then, he released her lips and pressed his forehead against hers. Her breath came in short, quick gasps as he looked down at her. “I would never do any of those terrible things to you,” Avrum whispered to her, “because I am not like him.”
“I know,” she said softly. “I should have never said it.”
“I would never do anything to hurt you. I need you here, Haven. I need you here with me.”
Haven’s heart clenched. He wasn’t like Henri at all. His touches were gentle and slow. She wondered how she could ever compare the two. There was no fear, no pain with him. Haven tilted her chin and captured his mouth with hers again. He kissed her with just as much fervor as before, which made her knees weak and her head swim. A pleasant hum coursed through her, and the desire to feel him closer to her became overwhelming. She wanted him. She wanted him more than anything else.
Avrum’s hand ran up her back, causing her to arch forward and press more into his hard chest. His lips traveled along her jaw. A small whimper escaped her. She could feel his fingers grasping the strings at the nape of her neck. He pulled them until the knot gave way. His hand moved along her shoulder, taking the thin cotton material of the nightgown with it.
Haven twisted her hips, heat pooling at her center. Her nightgown slid down her arms, settling around her hips. The cool attic air kissed her newly exposed flesh, and it wasn’t long before Avrum’s hands were on her again, cupping her breasts and running up and down her flat belly. Haven almost cried out from the sheer pleasure of it.
She knotted her hands in his shoulder-length hair, the tie falling away. She had never felt anything like this before. It felt like her skin was crawling with electricity and simplest touch could send her over the edge.

Praise for His Haven:            
“His Haven is a fantastic mix of historical and paranormal romance… Action. Romance. A touch of horror. You can’t put this book down.”
–Cynthia Carole, author of the Cedarville Novella Series

Exciting and suspenseful… sweet and hot all at the same time. I recommend that anyone that loves books about vampires read this and you won’t regret it.”–Crystal N., Reviewer from SSYL
Ms. Brooks has started a story of other-worldly magnitude where adventure and secrecy filled the pages. Twist and turns ran amok as the author delivered angst, love, friendship and intrigue.”–Evelise, Reviewer from S.E.X. Reviews
His Haven is NOW available in ebook AND paperback!
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Harper A. Brooks lives in a small town on the New Jersey shore. Even as a young child, she has surrounded herself with good literature, so it is no surprise that her love for reading and writing has expanded into all parts of her life. She is a dedicated softball coach, student, teacher, and friend who enjoys writing about fantastical worlds when she believes real life gets too mundane.