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Burning Passion

Burning Passion!

A 5* review for Dan's Desires

This book is hot, hot, hot! I've loved the story of Dan and Stacy. Great writing, great story telling and a great series of books!
Dan, the man quote!
He moved to her right ear, “You are the most beautiful, most desirable woman I think I have ever seen. Your hair is perfection, your lips divine and your body exquisite.” He dropped a kiss on her cheek feeling her shiver with excitement throughout her body. His lips pressed against the earlobe. “Your voice makes me want to fall to my knees and howl at the moon while I worship the perfection that is you.” Dan gripped the lobe with his teeth and licked before releasing it. His hands went to her waist and he noticed her closing her eyes at his touch. “If I could make love to you, and only you, for the rest of my life, I could desire nothing else till I die.” His thumbs stroked her waist and she drew in a shuddering breath
Dan followed the midwives down the corridor to her designated room. “This is Dad.” He heard when looking at the midwife. He saw a heavily expectant mother walking down the corridor holding her back. She stopped to gasp for some breath. The woman was large, her bump much bigger than Stacie’s, he guessed she was full term, unlike his wife.
He shadowed, carrying her suitcase. They headed into room twelve-foot square, and saw the room decorated in cream having sweet pictures on the walls of the countryside. He placed the suitcase down and watched the midwives transfer his wife to the bed where they got her changed and comfortable, and left her using the gas and air.
“I will be back in a few minutes, Stacie, to see how dilated you are,” said the midwife.
“Ok and thank you,” Stacie clenched.
Dan moved to the chair over in the far corner near a window overlooking the car park of the hospital grounds. He saw another chair next to her bed and decided to go and sit there, moving the case with him. He took hold of her hand, noticing her brow sweating and she kept dozing off into a sleep, until the next contraction, waking up and placing the gas into her mouth, breathing the contraction out.
The midwife arrived back talking through everything she was doing, putting an intravenous drip into her left hand, hoping to slow the process down. She then set about examining Stacie. Dan waited, holding her hand tight as she squeezed.
“She has dilated by two centimeters,” the midwife told them.
“That isn’t much, is it?” Dan asked, remembering the birth of his son.
“No…we will keep a close eye on her and listen to the baby’s heartbeat for any signs of distress,” she said just as another midwife appeared bringing in the monitor machine.
All attached and listening to their baby’s heartbeat, which sounded perfect. Tears filled his eyes just to the sound of their baby.
The midwives left the couple after informing them they would monitor Stacie and the baby. Dan stayed with her making sure she kept calm, not wishing to upset her any further.
Every so often, the midwives came in to check on Stacie. She had drifted off into a sleep, and just cried out once in a while with a contraction, even the gas and air had been left alone, and Dan sensed the pain relief they had given her was working.
He left the room needing to go to the gents. Once back on the ward with snacks and drinks, he headed to the reception desk.
“Excuse me…sorry,” he said, feeling a fool, but had the urge to ask.
“Yes, Mr. McVeigh,” said a tall thin woman with her hair tied in a bun, behind the desk wearing a light blue tunic dress.
“Could I have caused all the distress my wife and the baby is going through?” he asked, needing her to be honest with him. “We were arguing,” he informed her.
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