Monday, 16 January 2017

Cover Reveal 'TOMEK Saving Angels' by TL Wainwright

*^*^*^* COVER REVEAL *^*^*^*
TOMEK Saving Angels out 28th Jan, 2017
Pre-order special price £1.50/$1.50 available now.


I’m a soldier, but not in the way you might think. I work for a man who people akin to the devil. My orders? Anything from inflicting a hard beating, to torture that will undoubtably lead to a painful death. Failing is not an option and I learnt years ago to keep my thoughts and emotions to myself.

Do I choose to live this life? The question is irrelevant, because from being a small boy living in Poland, to where I am now in England, this is all I have ever known.

Then she changed everything.



Most people think I’m a tart, an easy girl. Pfft! So what, who cares that I’m a sucker for a one night stand. It’s just sex for god sake and I always make sure they bag it before they get lucky.

It's just no strings, emotionless screwing.

Foreplay? Sod that. Orgasms? I can sort my own out thank you very much.

Boyfriends, romance, happy families? What a crock of shit.

Sure, I believed in all that fairy tale bullshit as a kid, but then my adolescent dreams got ripped apart.

Will things ever be different? Probably not, but that’s life and generally… it sucks.

If someone walks into your life when you least expect it, changing your whole perspective, despite the inevitable risk. Would you take the chance, when potentially they could end up being your saviour?

But then again... who exactly is saving who?


Warning: +18 - Contains sex, Kick A** character with a potty mouth, adult themes and possible triggers.

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