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Review 5* Submission at The Tower by Felicity Brandon

5* Review for Submission at the Tower
by Felicity Brandon

This is the first book I have read by Felicity Brandon and what a journey it was.

This book is well written, sets the scene to the point you really are there, truly an astonishing read.

This book is written in 1st person and over a 24 hour period. As the reader we follow Janie the female character who has been fighting her submissive urges. ‘The Tower’ she finds and sets herself on the program first having to undergo a trial. A trial you simply feel every touch, sound, heartbeat and emotion. The trial by far means is not easy, she is shown the true meaning of submitting yourself, and entering the BDSM lifestyle.

Shaw the masterful Dom is chosen to take Janie on this journey of discovering and fighting her own inner battles. He looks after her, Dom’s her makes her get a scent of self-discovery, pushing her limits.

I felt a romance building, correction I wanted a romance, and in some sense I felt exactly that, but Shaw was simply remaining her Dom, and Janie to get through the pain and humiliation, convinced herself he felt the same, but no.

Now for me and for what Janie went through it appeared a lot mentally and physically for a 24 hour period, but by all means, it worked. This was a journey of self-discovery, pain, spanking and a hot Dom. A definite page turner, and if you enjoy reading BDSM this book is for you or if you are thinking about entering into the submissive world, this will give you a good indication what might go on or you might experience.


"This is not a love story. This is the story of the hunger inside of me which must be fed before it consumes me entirely…"

After a chance encounter with a handsome stranger introduces her to The Tower, an institution that trains women in submission, Janie McClusky is irresistibly drawn to the place. But admittance comes at a price, and soon enough Janie is utterly bare and fully on display, blushing crimson as the men at The Tower thoroughly explore her body, bringing her pain, pleasure, and shame as they see fit.

As Janie’s training begins, there is one man among the group who seems to know her own needs better than she does, and before long she finds herself yearning and even begging for his touch. But if she relinquishes control completely to this captivating stranger and allows him to break down her remaining defences, will there be any coming back at all?

Publisher’s Note: Submission at The Tower is an erotic novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, extensive BDSM content, exhibitionism, anal play, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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