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5 Star Review + Interview with Felicity Brandon

I am so excited to have had the opportunity to interview and catch up with Felicity Brandon on her best selling novel The Vikings Conquest on my blog including a review.

The Viking’s Conquest. I am going to be truthful here, I have never read a Viking book before but, heck, I found every page a turner. Somehow, I fear I’ll struggle to find a match. I am a fan, a mouth-watering fan, who loves Felicity Brandon’s books. I read Submission at the Tower, and enjoyed this book even more, hell I’m speechless, I loved every word written, the plot, characters, the intensity, captive, thrilling, sexual humiliation, all mesmerising in every way, I struggled to put the book down.

The story starts with Princess Aurelie of Donrose is defending her home and castle. She is captured by the invaders from the north. She becomes the property of Prince Anders, the leader of the northmen. He makes it clear she belongs to him. He strips her down and punishes her with sharp spanking. Still, holding her maidenhead and with this in mind he will only touch under her consent. He sticks to his word in looking after her, even if bound, gagged, humiliated, used as furniture and much more.

There were a few scenes, I wanted to emerge into the book and throttle Anders, only he resumes himself, and makes you adore him once again. He is one hot Viking.

The story lived up to all the fabulous expectations I had wished for and more. If you enjoy BDSM, this book comes with a MUST READ.


1.      Tell us about your recent release and how you came to have that dishy cover?

Hi Holly, thanks so much for interviewing me! My recent release, The Viking’s Conquest, is a tale of a young, strong-willed damsel, who is kidnapped and taken from her castle by a marauding, dominant Viking Prince. I am thrilled to say that this book has been a best seller, and is still sitting at the top of the Amazon chart! I am so pleased that you like the cover – I also think it is gorgeous! The very talented Korey Mae at Stormy Night Publications designed this for me, and I think it captures the intensity of Anders (the Viking Prince) almost perfectly.

2.      How did you start your career in writing?

I started writing as a very small child, but didn’t decide to publish my work until after the birth of my second child. My first short story was published back in 2012, and I haven’t stopped writing and publishing since. Each new story is an erotic adventure, and I love every moment of it!

3. Ideas for stories, where do you get them from and do you write a plot outline for each story? Keep notes on research or character development?

My ideas are totally abstract. In some cases, they are inspired by dreams I have had, or by people I have met. On the whole though, my stories are built upon different premises which I’ve had for a long time; for example, The Tower (in Submission at The Tower) was a place I had imagined and fantasized about for many years.

I rarely keep notes on characters. I tend to literally write as I see them in my mind’s eye.

4. How long does it take you to write a story from beginning to end?

It is currently taking me about six months to write a full length erotic novel. At the moment my real life (children and husband) rightly demand a lot of my time, so it does take me quite a while to write. It’s then a few months in editing and proof-reading, and it’s finally ready for my readers!

5. Love or hate editing?

I much prefer the creative part of the job (the writing!) to the editing, but I understand absolutely how essential the editorial process is. Usually once I get going, and I can see my work taking shape, the editing starts to feel more satisfying to me.

6. Okay, so all your books are kinky. What got you interested in BDSM or who inspired you?

Honestly, I have always been kinky! No, really; it’s true! ;-) I have always been interested in power exchange between consenting partners, and am a highly sexual person, so it was the obvious choice when I started to write for publication.

7. Best marketing tip for authors?

I honestly wish I knew! My key advice is to network with other great authors. There is an amazing group of writers out there, and generally speaking, they are all incredibly supportive and encouraging of one another. Finding and promoting other authors has given me the platform to be marketed to many new readers, which I think has been invaluable to me.

9. Advice for aspiring writers?

Write what’s in your heart, not what other people tell you to write.

Edit, edit, edit – it is essential!

Network with other authors – they are an awesome resource for advice, promotion and friendship!

Persevere! There will be times when things seem bleak; you feel you have no ideas, and are selling no books. Keep writing, keep editing and keep networking!

10. Do you ever see yourself writing a different genre?  

I have always thought I have a suspenseful horror story in me. I love a good scare, and can see myself writing an eventful scary story one day!


Fun Questions


Coffee or Tea? Tea – I don’t like coffee.

Pepsi or Coke? I don’t really like either, but if I’m pushed, then Coke.

Mountains or beach? I like both, but actually I am quite a home-bird, and really love just being at home!

Favorite color? Red.

Favorite ice cream? Mint.

Casual or dress up?  Dress up.

Early bird or night owl? Early bird.

Bad boy or good guy?  Aha; the age-old question! I married a good guy, but come on; who doesn’t love a bad boy?! That’s why I find myself writing about them, and the devilishly naughty things that they do…

About the Book


Kidnapped, captured, and captivated, but who is conquering who?

When she is left all but alone to defend her family's castle against an army of battle-hardened Viking raiders, nineteen-year-old Princess Aurelie of Donrose fights valiantly but is soon overcome. After her capture by the tall, handsome leader of the northmen, Prince Anders, she is carried away along with the rest of the spoils of conquest.

Anders makes it clear to the princess that she is now his property, to do with as he likes, and he takes pleasure in stripping her bare and putting her on display. When she defies her new master, Aurelie quickly discovers that Anders will not hesitate to spank her soundly, but to her shame the painful, humiliating punishment leaves her deeply aroused.

Bound and helpless yet burning with desire, the princess finds herself longing for the bold, dominant warrior to take her hard and thoroughly, and when she surrenders to his mastery of her body the pleasure is more intense than she would have ever thought possible. Aurelie's submission to Anders grows more complete with each passing day, but when her brothers arrive with an army to seek vengeance against their old enemy she must make a fateful choice. Will she remain loyal to her family and her people, or come to the aid of her Viking prince?

Publisher's Note: The Viking's Conquest includes spankings, sexual scenes and sexual humiliation, and more. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

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