Friday, 28 October 2016

Trick or Treat!

 Happy Halloween, now we all like a little trick or treat from time to time, but right now I'm feeling a treat, so lets step into the hot and horny treat of Desires.
Welcome To Desires!
An exclusive sex club.
A place where all your sexual fantasies become reality!

What Is Your Sexual Fantasy?

Desires—a place where fantasies are made flesh and dreams become real. From BDSM to being a dog, Desires can provide it with bells on, if that’s your kink.


Stacie Clifford’s only desire is to regain her sexual confidence after her recent escape from an abusive marriage. She joins Desires looking for re-education in the joys of her body. There is only one condition; her contract states emotional attraction between tutor and student is forbidden. Stacie is fine with that; her heart is so battered she has no desire to give it to anyone else.


Then she meets her instructor, Dan. Instantly attracted, at first Stacie thinks it will help to make her sexually comfortable with him. But when she realises she is falling in love, she can’t tear herself away, contract or no. Stacie knows that, no matter how kind and caring Dan appears, he’s just doing his job. Can Stacie overcome her own Desires and walk away?
Stacie felt him move his body even closer to her. His pelvis touched the tops of her thighs and his hand wandered round to rest on the curve of her bottom. She pressed herself to him shamelessly, feeling the heat of his body through her clothing.
Dan pulled away for a second. Stacie opened her eyes to see him staring at her, his eyes almost black, before he descended on her again, kissing her fiercely, hungrily. Stacie felt his tongue at her lips. She opened her mouth without hesitation, allowing his tongue to glide inside, feeling it circling around hers. Stacie joined in rolling her tongue around his, tasting him, enjoying the intimacy. This was the moment she had been waiting for, the taste, the passion.
The hand on her bottom began to wander, caressing up and down her spine. Each tickling touch made her quiver and tremble. Impatient, Stacie took control, plunging her tongue deeper into his mouth, swinging her leg up over his hip in invitation, wanting more and more. Yearning for more, she thrust herself at him, but Dan pulled away. He gently removed her leg and placed it back on the bed. Stacie flushed, knowing she had done wrong by taking the initiative. She began to roll away from him, embarrassed, but he pulled her back, holding her close to nuzzle into his neck. She felt his breath on her right ear and then he began kissing and pulling at her ear lobe, leaving her shivering through her entire body.
He rolled her onto her back and hovered over her, supporting his weight on his elbows as he gently touched her cheek with his hand, running his other hand through her hair. He slid his tongue back in her mouth. She accepted eagerly. She’d never tasted anyone so good. Stacie craved to touch him, to feel his body, but that wasn’t what this lesson was about. If she did, he would almost certainly stop, and that she definitely didn’t want.
He transferred his weight to one elbow, running his free hand down to her waist and then further to her hip, his lithe fingers tickling and teasing. Stacie leaned her body into his touch. He brought the hand to her chest and she barely breathed as he ran his hand over the top of her breast. She longed for him to touch her bare flesh. He pulled away from her then, kneeling up to tug at her top. She sat up to assist and he pulled it up over her head, discarding it on the floor next to the bed. She pushed her chest out invitingly and met his eyes.
He lowered her back to the bed and kissed her neck and shoulders, her whole body quivering in sensation as his gentle hands and lips teased her body. It had been so long since she’d felt so desired.
As Dan kissed a trail round her neck, he began flicking his tongue out, blowing on the wet marks he made. Stacie shivered with every blow, throwing her head back on the pillow. He moved his lips down toward her breasts and she thrust them toward him. But he bypassed her breasts completely, shifting his body down to continue his kisses down her stomach. Nearly growling with frustration, Stacie forced herself to lie patiently. Dan arrived at the waistband of her jeans and paused.
Stacie lifted her head up to glance at him. Dan met her gaze with a waggle of his eyebrows and a quirk of his lips. A rush of desire seized her and she barely managed to resist thrusting her crotch in his face. He ran his finger round her waistband, slowly undoing the button and then the zip. She raised her hips to allow him to pull her jeans down. Her world was Dan and this room. The only thing she wanted right now was for him to take her, fill her, empty his seed within her. She would have done anything. Stacie widened her thighs in welcome as Dan positioned himself above her. She could feel his jeans against her bare legs, his erection beneath the denim pressing into her yearning pussy. He lay over her, gazing at her breasts. She quickly thrust her boobs up toward him, desperate for him to touch her.
Shifting his weight to one elbow, his other hand slid up her slender torso to cup her breast in its lacy covering. He dropped kisses across the top of her boobs and ran his thumb over her hard nipple poking through the silky material, eager for attention. Stacie jiggled her hips, almost beside herself with desire and longing. How much longer would he make this last? Transferring his weight to his knees, Dan sat back a little, caressing both breasts and pushing them together. He put his face in the cleavage he had made and kissed first one breast, then the other, inhaling deeply. Stacie dropped her head back, closing her eyes.
Dan slid his hands around to her back to unclasp her bra. She lifted up on her elbows, allowing him to remove it. He peeled it away and it joined her top on the floor. They both stared down at her naked breasts for a second before Dan descended. He didn’t suck on her nipples as she had expected. Instead, he pressed his lips gently against them, kissing them all over, but avoiding the nipple area. Stacie cupped her boobs together feeling his lips all over them. She closed her eyes, forcing herself to wait, anticipating the moment.
He toyed with her breasts for a while, kissing around them, then down to her stomach. He kissed all over her hips and waist and back to her breasts. He pushed them together and then, without warning, he pinched both nipples at the same time, sending her screaming in pleasure as pulses raged through her body. She thrust her pelvis into his groin, feeling her juices soaking her thong. He sucked on her right nipple, whilst pinching her left one, adding a gentle pull and twist. Her body ran wild, all her nerve endings sending urgent flashes to her pussy, craving for more and more. Dan teased her nipples, sucking one then moving quickly to the other, making her body spasm and buck.
She wanted to grab his cock, wondering if he was as hot as her—she was burning. Instead, she reached behind her to grab the bedhead, pushing her body up to him in a mute plea. He gripped her left nipple with his teeth and gave a gentle tug. She collapsed on the bed, thrusting her pelvis into his. He kept firm hold of her breasts, pushing them together, licking from one nipple to the other. Stacie bit hard on her lower lip, trying not to cry out with pure excitement.
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#2 Touching Angel's Desires.

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