Friday, 25 March 2016

Happy Indulgence Easter!

Happy Humping Easter
Lets get those tails wagging and noses twitching.
Savour all that glorious, mouth-watering chocolate, but how would you have yours?
A naughty taster from Desires book 1 

“Is there anything you fancy doing?”
She looked away from him, staring at the chocolate mousse on the table. She smiled as she imagined covering his cock in it.
“I do actually,” she replied sitting up to look at Dan. “I quite fancy trying out the feast.”
“Oh yes? Do you want to go downstairs?”
“Nope, I want to stay right here.”
She climbed off the bed to get the brown paper bag that contained the items she had bought earlier. One by one she placed the lace handcuffs, blindfold and ticklers on the bed. Dan’s eyes widened as Stacie picked up the lace handcuffs and climbed onto the bed on all fours. She crawled her way up to Dan, her breasts swaying. She grabbed his willing hands and he moved them up above his head to the headboard. Stacie put the cuffs on him and reached to get the blindfold. She tied it tightly round his eyes and sat back. He looked vulnerable and delicate.
Stacie climbed off the bed and admired his helpless body. He was wearing only his trunks, the bulge of his burgeoning excitement evident. She headed over to the table picking up the chocolate mousse, and then climbed back onto the bed, kneeling close to Dan.
Stacie licked her lips, looking at his eager face. She tightened her bottom, feeling her arousal already running wild around her body. Stacie moved closer, pressing her lips against his chest. She held her head up to watch his reaction. He shifted under her, and his lips parted slightly. Stacie moved her body up so her mouth was in line with his. She pressed her soft moist lips against his. Dan responded, kissing her back. She pulled away.
“No,” she told him, with a tsk of disapproval. Stacie wanted full control of everything, including his reactions. He stopped instantly.
Stacie kissed him again, moving her lips around his, caressing them. She tasted his lips, then dipped her tongue into his mouth feeling her body responding with pleasure. Stacie took hold of his bottom lip to bite it lightly, nibbling her way along.
She started to move down, gliding down his body, kissing each nipple. He smelled of soap as she kissed down his taut abdomen. She arrived at his waistband, noticing that the burgeoning bulge she had seen before was now a full-fledged towering erection, without her having to do a thing. She smiled with great satisfaction, knowing she was succeeding. She kissed delicately around the top of his trunks, watching his body wriggle. Stacie lifted her head up to stare down at his aroused body, not quite believing she had caused this reaction in this incredibly handsome young man.
Stacie took hold of her breasts, squeezing them together, her nipples ultra sensitive. She didn’t want to touch them too much, not wanting to get too excited to soon.
Stacie reached for one of the feather ticklers, wrapping it around her wrist and trailing it onto his nipples. She watched his face for his reaction. He moaned aloud. She moved the tickler over his body, watching his nipples harden, enjoying arousing him, then she drew it up between his thighs where the skin was sensitive, watching his pelvis jerk.
She watched his cock twitch inside his trunks, looking as though it was bursting to get out. Stacie licked her lips, feeling her pussy dripping with excitement. She grabbed hold of his trunks, pulling them down to reveal his thick hard penis. Stacie placed the tickler over his cock, beginning with the base then running the soft feather up the full length of his cock. His manhood rose high to the stimulation and he quivered. She repeated her actions, glancing at Dan’s tense face. She took the tickler over his balls, watching as his penis continuing to bounce up and down off his stomach. He moaned aloud and Stacie smiled.
Stacie reached over and took hold of the bowl of chocolate mousse. She dipped her finger in, then coated his left nipple with the sweet dessert. She bent down and used the tip of her tongue to lick the mousse off. Dan shivered as his nipple rose in response to the stimulation. She delicately nipped at his nipple with her teeth, smiling as he sucked in a gasp. She took a heaping spoon of the mousse and laid a trail down his chest, sucking the spoon clean, before licking every trace of the mousse off him.
She slid down to his cock area. He shivered with anticipation, thrusting up with his pelvis, begging mutely. She took the spoon and slathered his whole penis in the chocolate mousse. Stacie began kissing him around his penis, using the ticklers to torment the insides of his thighs, enjoying hearing him groan.
She poked out her tongue and licked a clean trail through the mousse from the base of his girth to the empurpled tip. She flicked her tongue over the tip, hearing him groan deeply. She took the tip of his cock into her mouth, sucking strongly and using her tongue to thoroughly clean the delicious mousse off all his ridges. She took a little more in, swirling her tongue over his smooth chocolaty-tasting skin.
Stacie came up for some air, licking the whole length of his shaft, taking away the mousse, sucking and licking, her face becoming covered in mousse. She took the full length of his still smeary shaft back into her mouth as deep as she could go, rapidly moving her mouth up and down. Dan pushed his body off the bed, moaning in ecstasy. Stacie tasting a little salt mixed in with the remains of the chocolate. She sucked his penis like a lollipop, licking it from base to tip, filling her mouth as much as she could.
Once his cock was clean, she let him go, slurping her mouth off his cockhead.
“Mmm, this mousse really is delicious. You should try some,” she said

Erotica, mf, sex club, toy boy and the older lady!
Desires 1 Out now for US 99c or UK 99p




Happy feasting!



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