Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Desires. A naughty teaser! Let's have some fun!


Let's have some play!
Erotica, mf, sex club, toy boy and the older lady!
Desires 1 Out now for US 99c or UK 99p
Desires series comes as
Touching Angel's Desires
Desires' Secrets
Embracing Desires
Dan's Desires

Desires—a place where fantasies are made flesh and dreams become real. From BDSM to being a dog, Desires can provide it with bells on, if that’s your kink.
Stacie Clifford’s only desire is to regain her sexual confidence after her recent escape from an abusive marriage. She joins Desires looking for re-education in the joys of her body. There is only one condition; her contract states emotional attraction between tutor and student is forbidden. Stacie is fine with that; her heart is so battered she has no desire to give it to anyone else.
Then she meets her instructor, Dan. Instantly attracted, at first Stacie thinks it will help to make her sexually comfortable with him. But when she realises she is falling in love, she can’t tear herself away, contract or no. Stacie knows that, no matter how kind and caring Dan appears, he’s just doing his job. Can Stacie overcome her own Desires and walk away?

Desires book 1.
 The Art of Oral
She slid her lips down the shaft, wondering just how much of him she could take. She felt his cockhead rub against her soft palate and his deep moan as he thrust further into her mouth. She lifted her head up, bringing her lips to almost off the end, and dove back down onto him again, feeling his body judder in response. She glanced up at him as she held his dick in her mouth, to see him watching her, his eyes on his cock where it slid in and out from between her lips. She felt herself start to dribble and popped her lips off the end with a slurping sound, continuing to masturbate him as she wiped her mouth.

“Do you like to watch?” she asked.

“God yeah. Nothing sexier than a sexy woman sucking your cock.”

She looked again at his cock, admiring it, long and stiff, rubbing itself eagerly between her hands.

Dan moaned. She bent down again and sucked the tip of his dick followed by licking down the length, using her mouth and hand simultaneously up and down his shaft. She felt his hands on her head again, moving her hair out of the way where it obscured his view.

“Suck my balls,” he instructed her breathily. Stacie raised her eyebrows. This one was new, but he was the teacher. She took her body slightly down the bed, kneeling between his legs. She trailed her fingernails up his thighs until she arrived at his balls. She took hold of them, massaging them lightly then bent forward and licked gently. They felt different on her tongue, not as smooth as his cock, but not unpleasant. Stacie eased her lips around one of his balls and took it into her mouth, hearing him cry out. She sucked carefully, aware that this part of a man’s body was the most delicate. She ran her tongue over the skin, feeling the smoothness of the pebbles within. She wondered if she could get both of them in and spread her lips wider gently easing the other in.

It went in, but there wasn't much room for manipulation, so she simply added a little careful suction before releasing him.

“So good!”
She gave his balls a final tender lick, and then moved back to the full length of his penis, licking all the way to the tip then filling her mouth with his cock as far as she could, covering his dick in her saliva.
“I need to come,” he gasped out. Stacie pulled her mouth off his cock and he rolled her over in a slick movement, then straddled her, pushing her breasts together and sliding his cock between them. He pumped repeatedly, the tip of his cock coming close to her mouth each time. She licked the leaking end with every thrust, then clamped her lips shut at Dan’s gasped warning. He grabbed hold of the headboard and his body jerked as he covered her breasts in his cum. She heard a faint, “Aaaah,” then he rolled off her and collapsed on the bed.

She looked at his diminishing penis, then up at his face. His eyes were closed. Stacie stared down to her chest, seeing her breasts covered in his cum




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