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Behind the Scenes of Desires and Touching Angel's Desires #Erotica

Behind the scenes- of Desires and Touching Angel's Desires by Holly J. Gill & Nikki Blaise.
I am a confused nymphomaniac and have enjoyed writing erotica since, well for a long time, I just love writing about hot, scorching, erotica with romance thrown in. I love it when  two bodies collide, wow the fun they have. Only in this series, you'll find two very different stories one about a couple longing, desiring one another, for the most sensual, limitless passionate erotic bliss, yet lurking in the background is a woman scorned, out to do anything to break the couple apart, only can Angel succeed?
This series is written in two separate books running parallel with one another

Desires is an erotica/ romantic book about an exclusive sex club, a place where fantasies are made flesh and dreams become real. From BDSM to being treated like a dog, Desires can provide it whatever your kink.

I came up with the idea about writing about Desires over 9 years ago imagining an establishment where you could visit to have your sexual desires and so therefore, I decided to write about one. Only in the club there would be rules not to be broken. My main concern was not making the book repetitive, and with it being a sex club, guests would visit for only one reason, sex. Whether it’s a couple wanting a romantic weekend away, a break from the family or hectic lifestyles, or with no strings attached fun.

Next stage characters, this one I struggled with, thinking about who and what they would be like. Writing from the worker at Desires, wasn’t working. So then I came up with the idea of someone visiting the club and that was when my imagination sprang into action and I came up with Stacie Clifford, but she had to have different reasons to be visiting and wanting to spend so much cash and time there. After a violent recent marriage and lacking greatly in self-confidence and wishing to go back courting, fed-up with what her life had become, workaholic, neglecting herself and alone. After finding an old porn magazine her not ex-husband, she discovered a sex club called Desires. Indecisive she decides to contact the club and discover whether they can help her or not, she had to try something. The heroine was then gathered. Then I needed to add the romance and her main reason for going back to the club for more.

The hero, he came naturally Dan McVeigh, who works at Desires, but only at weekends due to his job commitments. He would be her tutor, a young, handsome, and a very charming man, would walk into Stacie’s life, on first sighting he was lost for words. Dan starts her lessons at the beginning, allowing her to get to know her own body and gradually building up to full blown sex. Only emotions flying high, needing to be reminded of the club contract!

Of course, writing a book is never that easy and there had to be some form of conflicts, it was here while writing Desires, I arrived to chapter 6 and came up with the idea of writing about the club manager Angel. I then started writing her own individual story, but running the book parallel with Desires. And here was where the conflicts and ideas came that you would not suspect in Desires.
A woman scorned, out for revenge, believes she can do whatever she pleases, including lies and manipulation. A woman you will either love or hate. She doesn't care what people think, she is Angel the owner of a sexclub, and has anything she wants at the click of her fingers.

From there Desires and Touching Angels Desires wrote itself and I just followed them, and this was a start of a series.

I enjoyed writing Desires, for many reasons; if you enjoy sex than explore it, enjoy who you are no matter your sexuality. Desires also helped me to get my first published works and helped me learn much throughout the astonishing journey, but gave me the opportunity to meet some wonderful people.


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