Sunday, 14 February 2016

Erotica Tease!

Fancy getting into hot, steaming, full of delicious pleasing, arousing sex...let the fun begin, tantalize those taste buds, and sink your teeth into Desires featuring a luring toyboy.
Desires series
Desires is a sex club where all your sexual fantasies become reality.
From BDSM, to being treated like a crying's supplied with bells on!
Series comes as

Touching Angel's Desires
Desires Secrets'
Embracing Desires
Dan's Desires

Excerpt from Desires book 1
Her whole body twanged to the sexual vibe of the room. The room was hot and she was tempted to remove her dressing gown. She tore her eyes away from the ménage to see a woman giving a man a blowjob, his face full of glory. Stacie turned her head around, seeing bodies all over the place, men on women, women on men and woman on woman. It really was a room for fantasies.
She glided her hands down to her waist and hips, followed by moving her hand across her stomach. She wanted to move her hands further. Did she dare to start playing with her pussy in front of these people? They surely didn’t care.
Bottling out, for now, instead she moved farther into the room. She noticed one man smiling at her. Stacie grinned back as he shoved his penis into a woman who was clearly almost floating in delight. She saw a large cushion a few metres away. Carefully she made her way over to it to sit down. Stacie found herself positioned next to a couple about her own age. The man was broad, muscular with a rather sexy bottom and dark hair. The woman wore a white crotchless playsuit, open at the front. Her large breasts swung freely out of the playsuit as he penetrated her. She was pretty with long red hair and looked like she was enjoying herself immensely.
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