Monday, 6 April 2015

Desires In Print

All Desires series are in Print

I'm so excited and thrilled I finally can hold all five of the Desires series in my hand. Holding the series in my hand and flicking through the pages, sniffing, feeling and loving the fact, they are my books, my characters, my creation, my erotic imagination.  I always dreamed as a girl one day I would hold one of my own published works in my hand let alone 5. Dreams do come true! It feels like I have hit a mild stone, and soon I have a new series coming out...yes I am about to disappoint a few fans and readers, which you will find on my new button, sweet contemporary romance taking you to the new blog for this particular series.

Desires is a sex club, its a place where imagination and sexuality are allowed be explored, contracts signed, to agree nothing in the club is allowed to be spoken about outside the four walls, everything that takes place is confidential, due to celebrities visiting. The contract also states no emotional involvement with your tutor or tutors! Once the contract is signed the client is more than welcome to start acting out their adventures, whether its to be treated like a baby, be restrained to the St Andrews Cross, tutoring to understand your body, take part in orgies, dress up, have food fetishes, older, younger whatever you tickle Desires can supply it with bells on.
We pick up where Stacie Clifford after a violent relationship decides after years of being alone and wishing to re-gain her confidence in herself and in her body. She had an interview with Desires manager Angel signing the contracts, not seeing any harm in what she shouldn't sign, only when meeting her tutor Dan McVeigh, her life starts to spiral out of control 'that damn contract'.

The song that inspired me for Desires Sash! Raindrops
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