Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Tuesday Teaser

From Dan's Desires

“Hello…ninja here,” he said and then heard what sounded like several girls giggling. He stopped and thought for a split second, remembering the challenge was to arrive in the room for sexual fun. Slowly, he commenced inside the room, inhaled a deep breath, his cock already enlarging in his pants. How he craved for some serious sexual pleasure.

Then he sensed someone standing close to him, inhaling a sweet fragrance, followed by a blow of breath on his face. “Hello there, ninja,” said a seductive female voice. His manhood was clutched. Dan jumped in shock, when the girls started chuckling again. He sensed there was certainly more than one girl. He wondered how lucky could a guy get?

“Fancy hot fun, ninja?” the girl asked, breathing heavily onto his face.

He coughed. “Of course,” he said deepening his voice.

A table lamp was then put on and Dan accustomed his eyes, giving enough light for him to glance around the room and see what was on offer. The room was littered with stunning girls. “Hell…wow,” he said, grinning from ear-to ear. He could not believe his eyes, there before him must have been at least six young women, all of different shapes and sizes, long and short hair and all wearing sweet little negligees.

His cock sprang into action the thought of having all these stunners tantalizing and fighting over him made it undoubtedly exciting.

“Ok, girls…where would you like me?” he said.

Two girls opened a space for him on the couch. He walked over to the spot, the girls changed positions moving closer to him. The door to the room clicked shut. He was barricaded inside heaven. One girl removed her clothing and showed him her fabulous curves followed by another and another. His eyes had no idea where the hell to look, but hot damn was he already having fun. He had never been so lucky to have so many girls naked in a room with him.

His erection was throbbing and eager to get going. Dan stripped off his ninja clothes, leaving his balaclava on at all times and his trunks, although they were sure to disappear. He had no doubt it was pretty obvious to the girls he had a massive erection ready and willing to have lots of fun.

He inhaled a deep breath and decided to allow two girls to feast away.

Dan sat between two naked girls with their large breasts, one kneeled on the chair and pushed her boob into his face. He immediately sucked on her nipple while his trunks were being pulled down. He glanced down to see his cock being admired by the girls. They glanced up him, wagging their brows and licking their lips. Oh fuck this is going to be good! The girls held his engorged cock upright and started sliding their tongues up and down his girth as he gasped. His mouth was invaded with the girl kneeling on the couch. She slipped her tongue inside his mouth, curling and twisting. Dan murmured as the girl below swirled her tongue around his length.

He could feel hands all over the place, one running her hand on his chest, another to his swollen balls were being caressed by someone else’s hands. He found it hard to concentrate on one area. His rod was embedded inside a wet mouth, which took his dick to the back of her throat.

“Oh fuck,” he cried out.

His balls were then sucked. A tingling sensation erupted around his body, sending his blood down to his cock. Her mouth wet and filled with saliva, holding his base while using her hand to pump hard and fast. The veins on his member were bulging. He tried looking down his body, but the girl continued to give him her mouth. Then a tongue licked up and down his magnificent girth. His heart stopped beating in the pure divine of his cock being used as a Popsicle.

His eyes shut tight, a girl's tongue occupying his mouth, when his nipples were tugged on. Then lips kissed his tummy and abs. His cock was sucked and licked as his balls were being toyed with. The girl who kissed him moved away, giving him a chance to watch the girls below while they worked their magic. He could see the tip of his dick, bulging in redness, when a girl took it deep into her mouth.

A blonde girl to his right kissed him on his lips, while someone else tugged and pinched his nipple. Her tongue invaded his mouth and he was sure she was using it as a gag to stop him moaning out great signs of relish.

The girls’ mouths were indulging on his cock, and dribbles of saliva ran down to his balls. His heart raced in his chest, leaving him bewildered to the fullest satisfaction. His eyes shut tight while the girl curled and twisted her tongue around his adding a suck. Dan grabbed her right nipple and toyed with it, she moaned into his mouth.

Hands were crawling all over him, and his cock was being attacked from all different angles. He could not believe what paradise he was in. Ninja Dan was doing some serious business and the rewards for being a prat were amazing.

The girls were all over his body, switching from one girl to another adoring his cock, the only problem was he could feel the blood pumping harder and unsure how long he could last. Dan opened his eyes to see one of the girls lowering her pussy down onto his face. He delved his tongue inside her slick folds, lavishing her tangy fluids. He flicked his tongue over her sex lips then he saw another girl lying on the couch, spreading her legs wide open showing him her clean-shaven pussy.

He inserted two fingers into his mouth and without hesitation slid them inside the girl’s channel, stretching her cunt. He looked up, her the pussy hovered above him, watching her lower down on him. He poked his tongue out and continued to suck and lick her. Hands crawled all over his body and cock…hell, his dick was set on fire.

He could hardly believe what was happening, his mind and body were going ballistic. Dan cried out to the sensation of the girl’s mouth playing with his girth, sliding her mouth up and down his length to deep throat him, she gagged.

Dan could hardly believe his luck with these young hot-blooded girls. Sliding his fingers in and out the girl’s pussy, positioned on the couch she toyed with her clit. The moans coming from the woman excited him even more.

He heard the sounds of slurps, as the girl frolicked with his cock inside her mouth.

“I want to fuck him,” a girl said.

Dan certainly wasn’t about to complain. A girl positioned her body across his lap, then she lowered and stared into his eyes. He knew her. Fuck she’s on my course! He could feel the heat burning in his cheeks, blushing. He gazed at her body to find a trim, flat tummy, and her boobs, perfect, a good size…so slender. He gasped and wanted to enjoy the creature. She was pretty and he had noticed her in the classrooms, and now had her lowering her vagina onto his cock.

He stared at the stunner who was lifting up and down on his cock sinking it deeper into her hole, expanding her insides to accommodate his manhood. The urge electrified him and he wanted more, much more, from her.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and her boobs bounced into his face. Dan took hold of the right nipple and sucked hard, she cried out to the sensation and her pussy juice was running down the length of his erection.

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