Friday, 26 December 2014

Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas, Happy Holidays, tis the season to be jolly!!
Ok, I'm a little late, but I had to work on Christmas day so therefore me and my family are having ours now, and it's pretty cool! 
Welcome to the to the amazing Secret Cravings Publishing kindle blog-hop, did you get a kindle this Christmas and looking for some great books to fill it with...well join in this hop, and I'm certain you'll find the right genre for you, whether your a naughty monkey, sweet romance, into Cowboys, paranormal, and many more, I bet you'll discover a good read, enjoy and hop away!


I have to say, It's been one heck of an amazing year, not only have I been unfortunate enough to have two books released with Secret Cravings Publishing with Embracing Desires book 4 and Dan's Desires book 5 in the Desires series all available for download and in print now!

I often get asked what was the reason behind writing Desires, and too be honest it was a book I wrote with my dirty mind, I wanted to write about fun, filled hard erotic sex, and how amazing it would be for couples off all sexualities to visit a special club, where no care for what you sexuality is, and your desires would be fulfilled and boy, did my imagination take over.

I admit I've learned so much from writing Desires and how the sex was repetitive at times, and how Dan McVeigh had many "hard" times, but the truth was I never intended to enjoy writing about Dan as much as I did, my initial idea was just to make him a gigolo, sex worker, and not really care about anything but himself, only his character took hold and I ended up finding myself trapped in his sweetness, adorability and discovering the real man he is!

Desires was written from Stacie Cliffords POV  with the intensions to gain her confidence and be the person who she deserved to be, not only does she discover herself, but discovers the true meaning of being wanted, cherished, and protected. Then after writing all Stacie's books, I decided to allow Dan to take over and help me write his, which is out now, book 5.

I have enjoyed my wonderful journey with Desires and learned so much and I'd sincerely from the bottom of my heart, like to thank all the team, authors and readers at Secret Cravings Publishing for giving me the dream I had always dreamed about since being a young girl. And thank you for bringing my characters to life, I would also like to thank everyone who has been involved in the five books, Nikki Blaise, Isobelle Cate, and Colleen you guys rock! And my fans, thank you so, so much.


I've recently become a nana for the first time this month, the best gift ever from my daughter and her fiancé on the 9th, and I have to say, it's one of those moments that I will treasure forever in my heart. Not only have me and my family been gifted not with one baby but two, my daughter had twins and boy Jacob Luke and a girl Thea Louise. They were born premature and had to go into special baby care unit where they were so well looked after and my daughter and her fiancé took to parenthood with a breeze.
I'm speechless to the little people who have come into my life unconditionally and I will love them with all my heart. I have mentioned that they will not be spoilt children in gifts, but our love and that is the best gift you can ever offer.

Jacob and Thea

Life if just full of the most precious gifts.
And today both my beautiful grandbabies are home, what more could I have asked for this Christmas?  

To win a copy of any Desires book please answer me what are you blessed with this Christmas?
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  1. Seeing my grandsons open presents. It was the first Christmas for one of them. Thank you.

  2. Congratulations -- the twins are beautiful. Your books look terrific.

    1. Congratulations. The twins are precious.

  3. Family, though they are spread across the country! Merry Christmas and congrats on the precious new members of yours.

  4. My mom getting better and being able to be moved to a rehab. Congratulations on your twins!

  5. What a lovely blessing you have there. Your desire books sound awesome! I was blessed with the ability to get my house repaired and remodeled before it fell down and a very healthy happy big family.

  6. Congrats on your grandbabies! There beautiful! Im thankful for my family. Its been a very hard year. Im so thankful to have them standing by me. To have everyone safe and happy. Happy New Year!

  7. I've been blessed to be homeschooling my 10 y/o this year, and we're doing well:) Also, my 2 y/o granddaughter now lives with us full time, since her sperm donor dad is homeless and my daughter finally has a job she loves.

    Congrats on the grandbabies!!! Remember in 2 years they are still a blessing, even when you're ready to cage them, lol! (Just kidding....the 'terrible twos' have set in around here!)

  8. Forgot to mention; I really enjoyed Desires a few months back, and am looking forward to the next one:)

  9. My blessing cam 19 yrs ago, when I gave birth to my son, with a daughter and another son to follow.
    But it was a long road to his birth. Many surgeries and 6 miscarriages.

    And them I was blessed, not once but 3 times! I never gave up hope. I am a true dreamer, that dreams come true!

    My babies are my Sun, my moon and all My Stars! They are not in my Heart, but apart of my Heart!

    So bleesed Be, and enjoy every second of those grand babies!
    Happy Holidays