Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Character Interview
Dan McVeigh

Introduce yourself.  What book are you from? Are you the hero, heroine, villain?

Hello ladies! I am Dan McVeigh and I am the hero of the Desires series and the heroine in the fifth book, and may I take this opportunity to thank the wonderful Holly J. Gill for writing our story. (Wink, wink)

What is your nickname?

Dan the man!

 How did you come to your author’s attention?

Honestly, I think I drove her mental, I kept whispering at her for a few years and telling her to write mine and Stacie’s story, as Holly had been routing to write about a sex club, and well she couldn’t resist my charm, or is that my body? (Grins and wags his brows) Anyway, much to my annoyance she chose to write the book from Stacie’s POV and left mine to the end… I mean come on! What was she thinking?

Maybe she was saving the best to last?

Ah, now I like your thinking. (Grins and lifts his brow) I think the truth be known she gave in and felt she was left with no choice.  

Did you give your author a hard time when she was writing your story?

Who me? I would never think about giving Holly a “hard” time at all, (grins cheekily)

Tell us a little bit about Desires?

Desires is an exclusive sex club, where anything goes. A place for you to retreat and act your fantasies alone or with your preference and whatever your kink, there is no judgment, just enjoy.

How did you meet Stacie?

Stacie was a client attending Desires searching for herself and to re-gain her confidence after an abusive relationship with her NOW ex-husband, who had mentally and physically abused her and I was her tutor in helping her re-build her life and get her life back on track.

What did you teach her?

Well, I decided to step very carefully with her not wishing to frighten her off. So, I started Stacie from the beginning in self-touching,getting to know her own body once again and gradually worked her to intimacy.

And Stacie was a paying guest?

Yes, yes she was. She arrived for her first session a one off booked appointment, which I had her touching herself getting to know her sensitive spots, and caressing her chest, and then, much to my shock the following day she had booked a full day with me and well, the session progressed and it became my mission to encourage her to come back and (wags his brows) I wanted to see her again.

You fell in love with her?

I dare not say. (wink)

What do you do for a living?

I will confess at the beginning of the series I worked for a company as a computer geek. And then ended up self-employed with my own computer business, but my recent occupation you need to read the series.

Who is the love of your life?

Stacie Clifford. Never loved anyone else, well apart from my mum. (he chuckles)

What was the first thing you noticed about him/her?

Oh god! Her stunning hazel eyes and then her beautiful lips. She is just breathtaking and I cannot imagine her not being in my life.

What’s your greatest fear?

My greatest fear is losing Stacie especially through the vindictiveness of  Angel and her capabilities of trying to break me and Stacie up, she is a woman scorned and I wish she would learn to back off. That woman is evil and never considers other people’s feelings.

What’s your motto in life?

Enjoy life and be who you want to be.

How do the other characters in your book view you?

The guy next door.

What do you think reader will find interesting about you?

I think the reader will like the way I grew from a boy into a man and how on meeting Stacie I changed, not only that, but I am very charming and have a way with women! But please don’t tell Stacie that. (chuckles adding a wink)

What is the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?

Are you kidding me? You need to read the books! And even then there were many things I won’t tell Holly! (laughs)

Will we be seeing you in future books?

You never know what the future holds. (wags his brows)

What makes you happy?

I love being with my family, with Stacie whispering sweet nothings to me, watching Stacie sleeping, looking at peace and so beautiful, she takes my breath away!

What makes you mad?

Men who think its ok to mentally and physically abuse a woman. Oh, and selfishness.

Who wears the trousers in your relationship?

(Dan glances over his right shoulder then left, to then lean forward to silently answer) Me, but Stacie will argue.

Aren’t you much younger than Stacie?

I sure am, yep she bagged a toyboy, but then what is age? It’s only a number. (Winks)

Well, Dan, it’s been a delight talking to you!

Well, thank you very much I had great fun.

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