Wednesday, 23 October 2013

I am participating in Sable Hunter's Halloween Blog Hop with many wonderful prizes and the main event takes place on the 26th. I would like to thank Debbie Workman for inviting me to the event and I have managed to win some amazing prizes and seen some fantastic posts, well done!
Let me tell you a little about myself. I live in the UK, wife and mum of three older children, I work in the care sector, enjoy socializing, listening to music, watching movies and mostly reading and writing.
Now here is a picture of me and my children, all dressed up and ready to have a wicked night out. We were invited to my friend Halloween party, and well choosing the costumes, that took forever and then actually getting ready, took... well me hours.

We arrived at the party happy and excited. My typical garb? What else? A horny devil!

We were walking to the driveway when we saw a zombie behind the caravan with blood shot eyes and blood pouring out his mouth. It looked almost real. Then our hostess (wearing a mask) and her partner jumped out the caravan, scaring me and my family half to death. Once recovered from the shock, we continued to the house hearing ghostly sounds. There was a witch with a cauldron on the porch, cackling. cob-webs graced the entire all over the front porch, spiders (eeekkk), even little fingers. It looked amazing. We felt it was going to be a awesome evening.

It was only when we entered the house that we realized that no one else was in a Halloween costume! Not even our hostess! Her partner had a mask which he kept taking off. The Halloween theme continued throughout the house, but no-one was dressed up for the event. They made brothels and cakes decorated in Halloween features, but that was it. The kids and I were not only embarrassed, but also gutted. I received many comments thrown at us about our get-up, and....what else can I say?

Question to be in the chance of winning a copy of Desires. Have you experienced any such events, or felt humiliated and wanted to bury your head. Please comment leaving your e-mail address and I will contact a winner Friday.

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  1. Thanks for the giveaway. Love the costumes of you and you're kids. I had a similar experience where me and my friend was dressed up and ended being the only two at the party with costumes and I admit I was embarrassed and didn't stay long. I figured it was a halloween party so costumes of course. It's cool cause we ended up going to another party that night and everyone was dressed up. Beautiful covers by the way.


  2. The first time I went to a local theater - i had gone with family to see a fabulous play which had a drag act within its story line. At the midway break - the drag act came out in character and was circulating the room. He got to my dad and held his hand and made some quip about his hands being so silky soft and my dad replied in a similar camp type voice - ' well my mother always said take care of your hands and your hands will take care of you '. embarrassed wasn't the word - i wanted the ground to open up and swallow me

  3. Lets see if I can remember this right. When my kids were young, we took them to Disneyworld in Fla. We went to the Robinson Caruso island (I think that is what it is called, might be Tom Sawyer, don't remember, too long ago) anyways, we were walking through this cave type walkway and there was this statue in a corner and I told my husband that this looks so real. Understand it was kind of dark through here, well I was reaching out to touch it and all of a sudden the statue moved and it touched my hand and said BOO!! I exclaimed OH HOLY CRAP!! It was a real person, just making sure everyone went through ok. All the people around me laughed, including my husband and kids and yes I was embarrassed.

  4. just realized I forgot to leave my email lacombejc at suddenlink dot net I also realized I have the first book, if I would be chosen to win, could I have the second one, thanks. I enjoyed your story about the costumes